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Update 12th December 2018
We are currently experiencing extremely high call volumes. If your query relates to a specific process such as Redemption, Transfer of Equity, Subletting or Home Improvements, please refer to the relevant page on our website or the FAQ for further information.

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This is to assist you if you have already bought your home through Help to Buy, FirstBuy, HomeBuy Direct, First Time Buyers Initiative, Armed Forces Home Ownership Scheme, or London Wide Initiative.


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Transition to Target

The Home and Communities Agency (HCA) is pleased to announce that they have agreed to partner with Target Services Limited (Target), to take over the administrative duties of all loans that were previously administrated by Housing Options Plus (HOP), part of Metropolitan Housing Trust.

Target is a credit solutions company which acquires and administers loans from other lending institutions. Target’s aim is to provide customers with the highest quality service and deliver the ongoing support they need to manage their loans.

Target Servicing Limited is part of the Target Group, which is one of the longest standing servicing and software providers in the UK, with over 36 years’ experience. Over 50 major financial institutions across the UK, Australia and New Zealand rely on Target to manage their lending, investment and insurance portfolios.

What does this mean for...

  Existing Customers

For clients of HCA, Target are now the administrators of your accounts and they will be pleased to help you with any loan queries you may have. The only change you will notice is that Target will collect your Direct Debits instead of HOP.

Please note: If you started to settle all or part of your loan (redeeming or staircasing) before Target started administering your account, and the HOP had already sent you your Customer Information pack, you should continue to direct queries and correspondence in connection with this to them. The HOP team can be contacted at

Treating Customers Fairly  Treating Customers Fairly

Target is committed to treating all customers fairly. There are a variety of ways in which Target can help you to satisfy your loan and Target looks forward to discussing these with you. Target’s aim is to develop a long term relationship with you based on the principles of good customer care and long term financial stability.

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