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Conduct Home Improvements

Conduct Home Improvements

Adapting your home for a disability.

By home improvements we mean significant structural changes to adapt your home for a disability. Under the terms of your loan certain types of home improvement are not permitted. If you wish to discuss what home improvements may be permitted, please contact the Customer Service team.

Decorating, kitchen/bathroom re-fitting, solar panel installation or window replacements are not considered home improvements and are permitted without our approval.

The restriction on home improvements does not apply to adaptations to the property required by an owner with a disability or family member living there. If such work is required, you will need to contact us to discuss the next steps.

To support any home adaptations for the purpose noted above, you will need to provide evidence that is necessary. This could be by supplying a General Practitioners (GP) letter, or third party medical evidence.

If you do decide progress this type of application you will be required to pay an administration fee, listed in the tariff of charges. It is suggested you contact us to discuss your case before progressing.